The rest of your life begins now

Sunrise - Auckland, New Zealand

Sunrise – Auckland, New Zealand



There was a before, now it’s after. It was you, but you changed. You use to do that, but not anymore. Never would you have thought doing it, now it’s part of your routine. One day you jumped on a plane, but no return ticket will ever bring you back where you were.

You probably don’t need to cross the world to find yourself. But once you’ve lost your bearings, you are the only point of reference left. You see yourself as you really are, not as you want to be or as you thought you were. Your real personality is taking shape under your eyes. The pen is drawing the outline without you being able to stop it.

And suddenly you’re weak, powerless. Your carapace is broken. It was too small to contain it all. You are growing, you learn new things, always chasing new experiences, hungry of novelty. You are like a sponge, ready to absorb everything on the way.

You use to have so many certainties about what you wanted, or not. Your goals were precise, your objectives defined. But out of the blue, you realize that it’s not too late to rethink all that. After all, you are only at the beginning of your life. You get yourself free from family, society, schools, all those satellite trying to dictate you the way to follow.

But now you are far, you are free, liberated from dictum. After facing them, you can change your bad habits, correct your default and become a better version of yourself. Loose you and you will find. Go out there, meet strangers, disconnect, practice, read, write, scream and cry. Your weakness will soon become your strengths and your fears your best allies.

It’s not every day that we have the chance to start all over again. Be afraid but be brave, do it. Put yourself in danger. Open your heart. Let people get in. Life is great, you should try.


Written in Wanaka, New Zealand

English is only the second language of the writter.
We apologize for the approximate grammar but hope you still enjoyed the reading.