Love on the road

Bay of Plenty - New Zealand - 2014

Bay of Plenty – New Zealand – 2014

here is this world, the one where most people are living in, a house, a job, plan, commitments…  And there is another one, parallel, or maybe hanged above. This world where everything is possible, where tomorrow will be as surprising as yesterday. Infinite, it has no border no boundaries, timeless. This is where you meet him, the traveler, the modern nomad, the free spirit.

At the first glance, you’re hooked. Despite his teared clothes and his dirty nails, you see a beauty never admired before. You see on his eyes the sparkle of adventure. You don’t need to know where he is from, what he did before or what are his future plans, because all what matter with him is present. He is not here by choice or conviction, but because he listened to his heart, and followed the flow of life. It’s exactly where he is meant to be, right here, right now, with you.

You don’t choose it, you can’t look for it, the first of his attributes is surprise. He is going to pop in your life, and abruptly nest into your heart. Suddenly, you know each other since ever, same interests, similar tastes, soul mates. You want to know more, you want to suck his experience, you want to share his thrill. You want him in your life and you in his.

He won’t tell you at first all his stories but he will be interested on knowing all yours. And espite the craziness of his life he will still be impressed. He won’t try to change you, but every words he’ll tell you will bounce into your head, questioning all your certainties. Nevertheless, it’s through his silent that you will learn the most from him, because it will let you time to feel his peacefulness, his positive energy and enjoy the present moment, simply, next to him.

Every scar on his body witnesses his intense life. The touch of his skin makes you shimmer. With strength and tenderness, his is hodling you and suddenly, you feel this tremendous ball of energy rising inside you. You feel unique, you feel alive. He smells India and Australia, tramping and hitchhiking.

He doesn’t have much for offer, after all, his life holds in a backpack. But goods are nothing compare to his wisdom and knowledge.  He introduce you to writing or other concept as crazy as dumpster-diving. You might not catch it straight ahead but soon or later, you will put yourself in danger, you will do those insane things for the only seek of feeling closer to him.

 And he will leave. Because yes, it never last. He lives his life without attachment, or so they say. It doesn’t need three words to understand that you did the same shake up in his life than he did in yours. You don’t know if you will ever see him again but what you can be sure of, is that he will let you a little different, a little better than he found you.


Written in Auckland, New Zealand

English is only the second language of the writter. 
We apologize for the approximate grammar but hope you still enjoyed the reading.